Third parties, relationship marketing and data

Part of our policy in providing targeted goods and services will be, from time to time, us supplying your information to third parties. You may already have an existing relationship, and therefore such information may be in the form of advertising or markteing communications tailored to your needs, interests or likes.

For the point of transparency and assurance, we have listed below familiar marketing communications you may receive, and a categorisation of those companies. Please also note that all third parties will only use your data in accordance wth the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA), along with data principles relating to privacy.

These are the main marketing communications currently used:

  • Email marketing
Area of business Examples
  • Travel
  • Personal
  • Business
  • Home
  • Pet
  • Business
  • Short breaks
  • Packaged and standalone holidays
  • Standalone air travel
  • Travel booking
  • Aggregated holiday sites
  • Travel booking services
Retail online and high street
  • Online retail stores
  • General stores and haberdashery
  • Property management and property sales
  • Soft furnishings
  • Fashion and mainstream clothing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • General consumer goods
  • Computer sales and servicing
  • IT sales and servicing
  • Telecommunications landline and mobile
Financial Services
  • Pensions
  • Loans, credit cards and mortgages
  • Investments & savings
  • Holidays
  • Hotel
  • Airlines
  • Travel booking
  • Gaming online
  • Gambling offline and online
  • Legal personal services
  • Media servicing
  • Publishing
  • Fitness and personal wellbeing
  • Market research
  • Call centre
  • Leisure and sports facilities
  • Charitable organisations
  • Educational areas and schools
Assurance and Claim assistance
  • SERPS and pension products
  • Personal Injury claims
  • Financial product claims (e.g. packaged accounts)
  • Bank charges
  • Credit card and store card claims
  • Consumer credit act
  • Miss-sold products (e.g. PPI, mortgages, packaged accounts, and other financial products)


How is consent granted?

By clicking on any of the consent boxes, or verbally agree in the notice statement, you give your consent to allow third parties to contact you via the aforementioned channels above.

Part of your consent is to have information collected from your browser information, online cookie collection and other such technology. This information is used to provide targeted relevant ads via the channels you have consented to.

What if I want to cancel, and opt out of this consent?

Upon providing you consent, you can still have control what communications you see that have been organised through The Prizes and third party providers.

To update your preferences, or to opt out completely, please contact us to update your requirements:

Or you can contact us in writing:

Compliance and third party officer

17 Bluebell Walk
G67 2TB

Upon instruction, The Prizes will apply your instructions across our group of companies and to your wishes. If you opt out via ourselves, you may still receive communications from third parties we have no influence over, or have no relationship with.

Online social media

On the majority of social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, Instagram etc) you can configure your preferences towards advertising and communications via the settings on your profile and/or privacy policy. You may not be able to block ads on the sites, but you can tailor the sort of ads you get.

Online and browsing data

You can also configure your online devices in preferences and browsing settings. You can control how your device accepts or receives data and particularly cookies. Also how your browsing history is stored and used. This is up to the individual as to how they wish to configure personal preferences in relation to browsing.

If you are receiving personalised ads on a website, you can usually opt out via the privacy policy of the website you are on. This will not of course stop advertising, but may remove ads that are targeted to you, or sites that have used data from various sites you have visited (known by your cookie history).

For a more concise knowledge and opting out of such advertising, visit the IAB preference platform at . This service provides an opt out form that gets distributed to their registered members.

Building profile

Browsing data and your personal information can be used in combination to provide respective ads and data. Here are some examples to demonstrate how they gather or find this data:

From using social media sign in process, third parties can gather information from your social profile (e.g. Facebook) to get further data and information, this could then be used to tailor information when you sign back in, and therefore negating the information to be manually input by yourself.

If a third party knows brief details about you, e.g. a telephone number and address, they may use particular parts of this data to match it to a email address.

Data outside of Europe

Please note that ThePrizes data is currently held in the UK. But other third parties may hold their data in the EU, United States of America and other global locations.

In respect to telecommunications all third parties have to adhere to the underlying European privacy laws, unless the country they are calling from have more stringent rules, then these are adhered to.

Analytics and analysis

The Prizes and other third parties use analytical data and software. This information and analysis is then used in aggregation to provide marketing opportunities or provide information, where possible, anonymised (e.g. multiple information on a group of individuals that are not known). This is in practise with the Information Commissioner’s code of practice.

Security of the data

Third parties are always required to keep personal data safe. Adoption and implementation of security measures is paramount. Fines are imposed on those organisations that breach these stringent rules.

Your privacy rights and accessing your information

You can at any point request to see the personal data we hold for you. Please email or write to The Data Protection Officer, Compliance, 17 Bluebell Walk, Cumbernauld, Glasgow G67 2TB

We will need to verify your identity, so we request that you provide a copy of your passport, or Government photo ID. Under certain circumstances we have the right to withhold access to the information under the Data Protection Act. We also receive the right to charge the mandatory £10 administration fee which is also detailed in the Data Protection Act.

Changes to privacy policy

ThePrizes reserve the right to update their privacy policy and this page from time to time. These changes are usually to bring the company up to date with European legal ruling and common best practices.

Contact us or complaints

We have covered the areas of privacy. But, if you have any further comments or questions about your information rights or use of your personal data you have shared with us, or have a complaint, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

The Data Protection Officer

The Prizes
17 Bluebell Walk
G67 2TB

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